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“L’inconnu” means : Someone you don’t know, Something unknown, An experience you’ve never got

“L’inconnu”, this is the name we gave to our new and creative cuisine, freely inspired by the Italian tradition in which our limitless curiosity comes into bloom notwithstanding our original intention to remain faithful to the Italian culinary art.

We wish to express a moment of each season on our dishes.
That is to say, the taste of an ingredient changes from a season to another even if it is indistinguishable.
The vital energy of youth, the bright and juicy taste of ripe, and the deep savoriness of old age.
Nature changes every second so that flowers produce seeds after their fulfillment as we get older every season.

We work so that everything is perfectly delicious.
We carefully choose quality ingredients, treat them carefully and use them generously to achieve all of our culinary arts.

We wish sincerely that you enjoy our dishes and restaurant.