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Please make your reservation at least 24 hours (maximum 2 months) before your arrival. Please do not cancel your reservation just before your appointment. The cancellation period without charge is 2 days ( 48 hours ) before the reservation date. In case of reduction of number of persons also, the cancellation fee will be charged to you.   I’m sorry, but please refrain from child who dosent order our menu nor bring a stroller inside our restaurant. Thank you for understanding.


Christmas dinner menu for take out

Restaurant L’inconnu presents their Christmas dinner menu for take out.
You can enjoy delicious meals easily at home on Christmas.
This year we will have 13 kinds of prepared dishes, including Spumante which is an Italian sparkling wine.
If will be vacuum-packed, so you can put them on your plates or just warm it up in in an oven, and your party will be ready.
It would make a great gift for people who you appreciate.


-Veal and foie gras wrapped in pie
-A soup by Brittany Omar Shrimp
-Guinea fowl with black truffe flavor
-Charcoal grilled roast beef
-Boat sausage, chestnuts and figs
-Garlic butter and parsley
-Escargot wrapped in pie
-Classical Lasagna
-Potatos with cheese, Truffe Galette
-Squid ink rice croquette
-Italien omelet with mushrooms
-Octopus and olives marinated in basil paste
-Vegetable focaccia


For 2 peoples, 110 euros [Includes a half bottle Spumante]
For 4 peoples, 180 euros [Includes a bottle Spumante]


Please make a reservation 3 days before you come to pick up your meals.
Please pick up your meals between 9:00 and 11:30 or between 16:00 and 19:00 on the day you have selected.
Tuesday 12th December to Sunday 24th December 2017 at Restaurant L’inconnu.